Steadman Homes presents

The Architect Series

3 stunning home designs created exclusively for Steadman Homes by leading architects, all priced from $700,000.

The Architect Series is just an example of what is possible when a leading Perth builder combines with a top architect to deliver 3 unique and luxurious homes. Carefully crafted, and filled with impressive, luxurious finishes, an architecturally designed home is now within reach.

Explore our 10m, 12m and 15m designs that have been exclusively crafted for those looking for exceptional value, impressive finishes and award-winning architectural designs. What more could you want for your next home?

The View (12m)

The Downsizer (15m)

From the same architects that bring you Signature Custom Homes

'The Downsizer' by Steadman Homes


If you are looking for an luxurious, architecturally designed home for less, the Architect series may be for you. We have hand selected truly impressive finishes that complement these incredible designs but you can work closely with our team to customise the specifications to suit your budget and block.

Use our Architect Series as a starting point to create your dream home.

The Warehouse (10m)

The-Warehouse Architect Series Steadman Homes

Homes in this series

The Warehouse

June 22, 2017

The View

June 22, 2017

The Downsizer

June 22, 2017