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Decorating With White

Decorating with White

White colour schemes have always been popular in interior design. Whether viewed from afar in a fashion magazine or sprawled over your favourite home decorating TV show, an all-white colour scheme always looks sleek, clean, inviting, and delicately romantic. Although not suitable for some rooms that contain a lot of “living”, bringing a white colour scheme brings about a lot of benefits.

Open up your space

White colour schemes look modern and crisp whilst giving the illusion of more space. It also serves as a type of building eraser, blending any architectural quirks or unwanted features into the walls and ceilings to hide them away from sight. Do you have a home with a view? White is a beautiful blank canvas that works as a subtle backdrop for gorgeous vistas outdoors. Add some mirrors and bring the colour of the outdoors inside your space.

White can be cozy

White is often a colour people associate with cold and clinical spaces, but styled right it does not have to be the case. Consider using white with distressed finishes and comfy fabrics, and play with the many shades of white available. If you are going for a romantic cozy look, choose warm, creamy whites, with natural textures like marble or unglazed porcelain.

Colour with the seasons

Freshen up your white room with pops of whatever colour is in season: blue in winter, black if you’re feeling moody, and so on. Utilising artwork or rugs to create that colour splash also warms up the space with different textures and even allows you to highlight the simplicity of the white.

Luckily, white goes with practically everything.

White doesn’t go out of style 

White isn’t a boring colour, like beige or green. It is a very dramatic colour that comes in hundreds of shades and is constantly being revitalised in interior design trends. We never tire of looking at whites, this is proven over and over again at weddings, in holiday destinations, in fashion. If you start your new space with a white canvas, it will never go out of style.

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