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The Inside Scoop: 2018 Design Trends From Jake Steadman

The Inside Scoop: 2018 Design Trends from Jake Steadman

It’s a new year, which means it’s out with the old and in with the new for Perth homeowners. Originally featured in both the online and print versions of The West, our General Manager, Jake Steadman, shared with us his trend predictions for builders and homeowners in 2018. 

What trends did we see in 2017?

“Maximising Space was massive in 2017. The starting point for every design is always with the land, and in the past 24 months with the down turn of the market, there was a spike in the purchase of ‘half blocks’.

This forced the hands of many new home clients, as it resulted directly in the need for narrow lot and rear lot designs, creating the challenge of trying to fit all of the client’s requirements within a much smaller parcel of land. Here at Steadman Homes, we find eliminating dead spaces and providing functionality with all aspects of the design prove to be key to maximising space.

What will homeowners want more of this year?

“With constant changes like the cost of living increasing, advances in technologies and the occupants of homes swinging more and more from traditional families to multiple generations (e.g. teenagers, young adults, parents etc), the purpose of a home’s ‘use’ has begun to evolve with them. Today more than ever you will find more and more people working from home, operating business from home and renting out rooms to assist financially. All of these add to an increasing request for intergenerational and multipurposed design.”

What building techniques will be popular in 2018?

“Dare I say it here in WA, but lightweight construction and pre-fab construction are most certainly starting make a bigger footprint in our state. However, one product I have seen recently launch into the WA market is a pre-fabricated insulated internal wall system. I’m not sure if 2018 is enough time to get this product off the ground but its potential in the future is significant.”

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