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Interior Trends// Plywood

Interior trends// Plywood

We have been loving the Plywood interior trend for a while here at Steadman Homes. So much so that we have designed our reception desk and coffee bar at our new office around the beautiful timber. Combined with black accents, it is modern, durable and beautiful.

Plywood’s design appeal lies in its crown cut timber look with an iconic layered edge profile, generally in light warm tones. It’s suited to modern, Scandinavian and bohemian styles all popular at the moment. It can be utilised in lots of different ways including many in the building industry due to its strength and flexibility such as custom cabinetry, furniture or linings.

One drawback to using plywood is it can be expensive. Certainly not as expensive as solid timber but it is still a natural material and as such tends to be pricier. Also being wood it is susceptible to water and other damage over time so we are excited that Laminex have decided to release their own version of a Plywood look laminate! Laminate is widely used in building and construction for its cost effective, hardy properties. What are your thoughts on the new Laminex Plywood range?

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