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Investigation: The 5 Things Home Buyers Want In Their Kitchen

Investigation: The 5 Things Home Buyers want in Their Kitchen

Whether you are building your dream home, buying an investment property, or renovating an existing home, it is often hard to make unbiased design decisions that combine the elements you love with elements you know will help sell your house down the track. Every family has different requirements and different preferences when it comes to their dream kitchen and we went searching for exactly what home buyers are looking for to help you narrow down your decisions.

Most people we spoke to agreed that a perfect kitchen can dramatically increase the property value, improve the work flow of the home, and is often the centre point for entertaining and gathering, which means their kitchen not only has to look the part but be extremely functional.

So what elements of a kitchen do buyers attribute to their perfect kitchen? We found there were 5 factors most people consider when they walk into a kitchen: storage, quality, symmetry, colour, and layout. 


Not surprisingly, storage is the first thing that buyers will make note of when looking for their dream kitchen. Not only the amount of storage, but also the functionality of it. The use of drawers for example, whether hidden or otherwise, is a more efficient way of storing food and other items compared to deep cupboards. Specific storage inclusions for appliances were also important to many people as was accessibility, especially for the kids and other vertically challenged kitchen users.

If given a choice, almost every home buyer would choose to include a scullery off their kitchen, and almost all of those buyers believe there needs to be a second sink. The inclusion of a scullery off a kitchen and living space opens up so many options for storage that a kitchen alone can often not encompass. 


Ensuring there are quality hinges and runners, including soft closing drawers, was something buyers found very important when inspecting or choosing a new kitchen. Making sure all the kitchen fittings will last for decades means that you will never have problems, especially in an area with very high traffic on a daily basis.

Similarly, good quality shelving and fittings means heavier items can be stored without the fear of distortion or damage. Cook books for example are often very heavy and as they are usually stored at eye level or higher, the quality of those shelf units is always considered.


Perhaps this feature you haven’t considered before, but the eye is naturally drawn to appreciate things like symmetry and repetition. Many buyers want to add a personal touch to their kitchen decorations, and having a simple layout that encompasses symmetry in its design means styling choices are easy and flexible no matter who is living there.

Having wall cabinets the same size and including large, expansive drawers is one way to ensure the kitchen space looks amazing. 


Not surprisingly, Australian kitchens are mostly open, light and airy, and this usually means a lot of white. A kitchen that is white makes a space feel bigger whilst also providing a blank canvas for styling and decorating. Many buyers love white cabinets and bench tops and have commented that for resale, white normally appeals to the most number of customers. That isn’t to say that darker or contrasting colours are not appealing for home buyers, often natural elements or brighter colours will add depth to a space that turns it into the homes focal point.


An open kitchen layout that is sensible and user friendly is pivotal to most buyers. Kitchen islands that you can navigate around are becoming increasingly popular due to the amount of entertaining done in the kitchen and the popularity of bench height seating. The kitchen is often the hub of the house so having an open area that accommodates a variety of activities including homework time, entertaining, and of course, cooking, is very important.

Other important features that make up the the layout of a kitchen included the location of the cutlery drawer and its proximity to the dishwasher and the sink. Other buyers also preferred wall ovens at eye level, and noted the inclusions of PowerPoints on island benches.

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