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Keen On Green

Keen on Green

We are kicking off our blog in 2019 with some colour inspiration for you!

Keen on green? It seems you’re not alone! Laminex is predicting muted greens are making a comeback and we have noticed a trend towards the pale green hues are growing everywhere from clothing to interior design. The colours go by many names including sage, pale eucalypt, mint, earthy green, dusty green and many more!

There are so many ways to inject this seasons colour into your home and you don’t need to make dramatic expensive changes to get a bit of green in your life. Try adding in some natural foliage such as a dry native floral arrangement of eucalyptus. Indoor plants such as chain of hearts or a new artwork, soft furnishings or if you’re really keen paint a wall! If you are thinking of building a new home perhaps you can even go one step further incorporating this seasons colour into your tiles or cabinetry.

How will you use green in your home this year?

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