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Kitchens Features Built For Entertaining

Kitchens Features built for Entertaining

The kitchen is the heart of many homes, and the heart of entertaining in recent times. No longer are the fridges and the cook tops hidden away from the view of guests, nowadays the family room is also the entertaining room and a lot of gathering takes place around large island benches and bar seating.

If you love to entertain in the kitchen there are some fantastic features that add nice ‘foodie’ touches in your kitchen to impress your guests and make entertaining a breeze.

1. Concealed Knife Blocks

Having your knife block concealed within the bench top of your kitchen space offers many advantages. It gives you a nice clean bench top ready to work on, but also keeps your knives close at hand for easy preparation. Many Steadman Building Group homes have concealed knife blocks in the kitchen island bench and they make for a great kitchen feature.

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2. Multiple Wall Ovens

Wall ovens are becoming increasingly popular for homes of all shapes and sizes, perhaps because of their ease of use, or perhaps because we have found better, more efficient use of that space underneath the cooktop. Either way their presence in our kitchens makes cooking and entertaining a breeze. Cooking at eye level, and cooking with different temperatures means that you aren’t ducking under the bench top to check dinner constantly and the natural movement around the kitchen space becomes easier and more fluid. Every Steadman Home has been designed to fit 2 x 600mm wall ovens.

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3. Intelligent Refrigeration

If you are an entertainer or a foodie, the ideal kitchen would have a whole cool room to store things from fresh produce to drinks. Whilst this is not possible in most houses, there are many fridges that offer enough room for all of your cold possessions with extra room for entertaining. Large and impressive fridges like the Sub Zero range keep your food perfect for longer and easily integrate into almost any dream kitchen.















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