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Two Storey Living

Two Storey Living

When you are dreaming about building your next home, one of the big considerations to take into account is whether you want to build a single storey or double storey home. With a growing population in Perth, and the size of inner-city blocks getting smaller and smaller, the single storey route may not be able to fulfil all your new home hopes and dreams. 

So how can you keep it small but have it all? Two storey living has become more and more affordable in Perth recently, with the introduction of more efficient and cost effective building methods taking your home up to new heights.

These are 4 stunning reasons to build your next home up:

1. Find more and save more on Land

Choosing to build a two storey home means that your land options increase tenfold. In Perth especially, subdivision in inner-city suburbs has been rising dramatically over the last 10 years and you will find many more potential locations if you aren’t trying to squeeze a large single storey home design on a narrow block.

Spending less on your dream location is also going reduce the amount of Stamp Duty you pay when you first acquire your land. And it will leave more room in the budget for your build and offer more options when it comes to capitalising on views and space requirements.

Lucretia Circle 16, Port Coogee 018

2. More design options

With a second story now in play, the design of your new home has a lot more zoning and configuration options that were previously not available with a single storey home. Enjoy your luxurious parents retreat down stairs, and entertain all night with the kids tucked upstairs asleep. Similarly, you can experiment with design elements like voids and reverse living.

3. More space for living

Two-storey homes generally have larger amounts of living space than a single storey home and thus open up your options for larger rooms, more space for entertaining, and intelligent zoning.



With a second story in play, capitalising on views is easier without other rooftops and trees in your way of potential cityscapes or ocean panoramas. Balconies and reverse living can make experiencing these views even better and the return on investment of building a two storey home that soaks up views will be worth the choice over a single storey.


If you are dreaming of a two storey home in Perth, Steadman Homes can be completely customised to suit your block and your families requirements. Explore our custom designs and our standard range here. 

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